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Let me just say that I LOVE the instruments used, specifically percussion, that just makes this a headbanger. You are heading in the right direction, yeah there is a little repetition, but it is not as repetitive in comparison from your 2 other EP tracks.

Did I like this one the most? maybe.... Probably...... Fine, yes, I like this the most in comparison with the 2 other EP tracks, you just need to focus on not having almost , if not, the exact same drop over and over again, try adding something a little extra like adding an extra instrument that could possibly bring more feeling out within the piece. Again you're heading in the right direction, Well done!


A very abrupt ending to the first "drop" with the same part as the beginning transitioning and building up to the second drop. Again nice cool down at the end. Variety within it though is still kind of lacking which is mainly what is detrimental to the score overall. Besides that though, catchy, good levelling, and is just a good song altogether. :)

As the kind of guy who likes a lot of electronic music, I tend to kind of like Melodic dubstep....
The overall melody of the piece is a little repetitive but that's it's only downside. Levelling is pretty good, and the melody, despite being repetitive, is something that kind of gets stuck in your head, and not in a bad way either. I also love the cool down at the end that wraps up the piece just nicely. Well Done!

Not a big fan of the lead ngl but besides that it's alright

Vortonox responds:

Haha thx 🙃

That is the weirdest Audiowave I have seen

Catchy, upbeat, and it's a weird combination that just works. Very repetitive, but that's its only issue. Nice

A little repetitive and ngl expected it to be a joke, but it sounds nice overall, the calm and serene Lofi kind of feel it gives off when listening is quite cool. I like it, can just add a bit more progression and it would be rated a little higher

Winter89 responds:

thanks for the feedback, i never thought too highly of this track but it seems to be doing well, getting feedback or whatever. ill be uploading a little more frequently, so just stay tuned in man. thanks

From what it looks like, I have a feeling this will be my favorite song when it's done! Good Luck in NGADM!

One Word...


Yeah buddy, that's DnB. GL in NGUAC!


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